Welcome to CallFlood

You’ve been in the advertising game for awhile. It’s costly. It’s time consuming. It’s stress-invoking. You’ve exhausted so many resources trying to bring positive public attention to your business. We’ve been there too, and that’s why we want to help you.

We’ve been in business since the 90’s professionally marketing services and business, and we’ve learned a few tricks we’d like to benefit you with.

The Phone Call

“Thousands of people are seeing my advertisement, but I don’t get a phone call!”

Have you thought this before? If you could just get that phone call, you are confident in your ability to secure a new customer. The problem is, phone calls are the challenging final step in a marketing campaign. Our services revolve around getting you that phone call. You don’t pay for anything until that phone rings and somebody needs your services.

We’re here to get you that phone call, and hundreds more just like it. The phone call is priceless because it represents a new connection, a new spoke in the networking wheel. Once you astound your new customer with your amazing services, that phone call branches out as people tell their friends and family.

More phone calls means more residual business, ever extending outward. We know this from experience!


John says:

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